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Clean Design Solat App with a Connected Kariah & Community Feature

What A Muslim Want

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What A Muslim Want

To be an obedient muslim who will perform the main pillar of Islam, praying 5 times a day, as early as possible and if better to perform it at the nearest mosque or surau from your location.

Solat Time & Notification

We are always busy with our responsibility in this world - thats make us always forget our responsibility to our maker in performing solat five (5) times a day.

With Usalli app - it will notify & remind you when the solat time is about to due. The sound notification can be set as a full azan, short azan, a beep sound or no sound at all, just the visual notification. Or you can choose with no notification at all by disable it.

Connect to My Mosque/Surau

We will be more motivated to go to mosque or surau when we are aware about the activities that will happened there. Beside we know we are coming to mosque or surau to perform the solat - sometimes other factor playing important factors too.

1. Events at the mosque/surau
2. Notification from mosque/surau
3. You could view previous program from the mosque/surau
4. You could communicate with the mosque/surau’s team

Main Features

Simple & Clean Design

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Accurate JAKIM solat time

Main Features - Accurate Solat Time

Notification, Pre-notification & Sounds Setting

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Save 5 Favourite Location

Choose Location and Save 1

Mosque/Surau Events List

Main Features - Mosque Surau Events List

New Features Planning

Main Features - Coming Soon

Mosque & Surau Integration

Add Places for Home, Office
& more

Main Features - Coming Soon

Donate Directly to Masjid
or Surau

Main Features - Coming Soon

Alert & Notifications from
Your Places

Main Features - Coming Soon

Masjid & Surau Jawatankuasa Team

Main Features - Coming Soon

Subscription Gift Cards

Main Features - Coming Soon

New Features Planning

Main Features - Coming Soon

Usalli Advance for Mosque & Surau

Usalli Adcance

We are looking to a our 1st adopter to this Usalli Advance for Mosque & Surau. We are willing to listen and cooperate with any mosque or surau to built a system that will help the jawatankuasa team to efficiently managing their mosque/surau. And to help their mosque/surau become more closer to their kariah and make the kariah feel happy and would like to connect more with their mosque or surau.

If you are from the state’s Majlis Agama Islam personnel - we are very happy to discuss with you on how we could working together to achieve this mission.

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